ESA and the World Emission Project invite stakeholders interested in the field of air quality (AQ) and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories to participate in the USER REQUIREMENTS CONSOLIDATION WORKSHOP on the 27th of April 2022.

The workshop seeks involving international experts, national and international reporting authorities, and research and policy bodies to consolidate a user requirement baseline for the implementation of an enhanced global AQ and GHG emission monitoring
based on Earth Observation (EO) satellite data.

Topics for discussion will focus on AQ & GHG emission inventory requirements, EU/International policies, enablers and barriers when using EO technologies for emission inventories, among many other. You can download the workshop agenda here.

If you want to participate but you are not a World Emission stakeholder yet, please read Become a stakeholder or contact us at

Stakeholder engagement is one of the key pillars of the design of the emission inventory system of the European Space Agency (ESA)-funded World Emission project. 

The objectives of this survey are:

  1. To listen to stakeholders’ demands
  2. To ensure that the emission inventory system is fully compatible with stakeholders’ requirements.

The outcomes of the survey will be presented to the stakeholders at a User Requirement Consolidation Workshop on the 27th of April 2022. The findings of the workshop will be used to consolidate the requirements as a basis for the design and implementation of the World Emission system. This survey is restricted to project stakeholders. If you want to participate, please read Become a stakeholder or contact us at

The survey will be anonymous. It will be open until 6 May 2022.