First meeting of the World Emission project

On April 27, GMV organized the World Emission project’s first workshop with end users to consolidate the project requirements and establish a baseline for the project going forward. This meeting was aimed at experts in the field and authorities from ten countries with a mandate to report emission inventories at municipal, regional, or national level. Eight international organizations and several companies from the sector also took part.

World Emission’s mission is to improve the service of global emission inventories based on Earth observation satellite data. These inventories provide essential information on the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This first user workshop focused on gathering user needs and consolidating requirements in the area of greenhouse gas and air quality monitoring, as well as discussing technological limitations in the use of Earth observation for this purpose, among other key aspects.

Two further user meetings will be held during the course of the project to make improvements to the inventories and to assess the operational service delivered.

World Emission is part of the EO Science for Society initiative and is funded by the European Space Agency. GMV is leading this consortium, which brings together industry, academia, and research centers.

Information published on the GMV website.